Welcome to right to dream


The greatest natural resource Africa possesses is young people. But their potential to contribute to the development of their families, communities and country is undermined by a lack of opportunity and a lack of leadership.

These young people need more role models.  Africa needs more role models:  Role models who understand the challenges faced by Africans; Role models who have the talent and opportunity to express it; Role models who have the ability to inspire, create and lead positive change.


Right to Dream is a residential academy based in Ghana that seeks to discover and nurture role models through education, sport and character development.
Right to Dream exists to provide talented, underprivileged children from all over West Africa with the opportunity to develop their talent and fulfil their potential.


Right to Dream is a social enterprise. Over the last decade, we have developed a sustainable talent development model that offers 100% scholarships to children aged 10 and above, and provides them with the facilities and resources to nurture their talent.
We believe the key to unlocking academic and sporting success is achieved through character.  Our international school and elite football development programme are founded on this premise.

Looking ahead…

We have been delivering our talent development model for boys since 2000, and we are now expanding to begin the first-ever residential Academy programmes for girls and parasports in Africa.

Our vision for development in Africa is bold. Achieving it is a collective effort by our students, graduates, staff, partners, supporters and friends.   

Join our effort and help these talented, young role models claim a better future for Africa.